Cardiovascular Health

Messages about nutrition and heart health have been incredibly conflicting over recent years. First saturated fats and cholesterol were the enemies and it was claimed that eating too much meat, cheese and eggs was a sure fire way to a heart attack. Now the science behind the saturated fat messages have been questioned and it's back on the menu. Meanwhile sugar is the press' demon of the moment - linked to everything from weight gain and diabetes to cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

One thing is certain, our diet significantly impacts the health of our cardiovascular system. 

Maintaining an ideal weight and optimising our nutrition can have a hugely beneficial effect on heart health helping to reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. It can also help reduce the likelihood of being put on long term medications for concerns such as high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. Even if you have already been put on medication, it's never too late to take control of your diet and lifestyle and make positive changes to optimise your heart health long term.