I became particularly interested in the role of nutrition in skin health through my own personal experience of completely clearing up my breakouts through changing my diet. I understand how distressing it can be to have skin that you are unhappy with and this is what motivated me to work with clients to improve the appearance of their skin from the inside. 

I specialise in skin health and have written many articles for the national press and medical journals on the link between nutrition and the skin. Our inner health impacts our outer beauty and no place is this more noticeable than our skin. From acne breakouts and dry skin to wrinkles and premature ageing, our diet can strongly impact each of these factors.

I work alongside cosmetic doctors, surgeons, nurses and therapists and I am often referred clients who have been unable to address their skin concerns through the traditional routes of topical creams or treatments. 

Certain foods can cause breakouts, exacerbate inflammatory skin conditions and speed up the ageing process. Other foods and nutrients can help protect and nourish the skin promoting healthy, youthful skin. I keep up to date with the latest scientific research into how nutrition affects skin health and translate this into practical, bespoke recommendations that can help you achieve the clear, glowing skin you've always hoped for.