5 of the Best Supplements to Take Now

Almost half of us take vitamins and minerals to supplement our diets, but is popping a pill the best way to go? In my latest piece for The Sun I run through some of the most common nutrient deficiencies and give the best ways to give yourself a boost, including oral sprays and body butters.
So which nutrients are many of us lacking in?

  1. Iron
    Deficiency is particularly common among women of menstruating age. One of the most common symptoms is persistent tiredness.

  2. Vitamin C
    Humans are among the very few animals who can't make their own vitamin C, so we depend on our diet to provide it. However, many of us don't eat enough fruit and veg to hit optimal amounts of this essential nutrient. 

  3. Magnesium
    Essential for maintaining nerve and muscle function, it also helps to keep bones strong and support a healthy immune system.

  4. Omega 3
    The essential fatty acids are important for brain and heart health.

  5. Vitamin D
    Deficiency is so common, the government now recommends we all supplement vitamin D during autumn and winter months.

To find out the best options for taking each of these supplements, check out the full article I wrote for The Sun. And remember that while supplements can have hugely positive benefits, they're never a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet…