My Supplement Routine

I've been asked a few times recently what supplements I take and why, so I thought I would share my supplement routine with you. I have a few core supplements that I take every day. Then I have some I take when I feel the need - such as when I feel a cold coming on, or if I'm starting to feel stressed due to a heavy workload.


I am not saying that my programme is right for everyone. We are all different but there are certainly a couple of core supplements I take consistently that most of us could benefit from.

Here are the supplements I'm on, in no particular order...


Protein Powder

This is probably the supplement that I am most consistent about taking. Like most of us, I do best having protein at each of my meals. Often my breakfast is a berry and green veg smoothie with some healthy fat (seeds or avocado) and a scoop of protein powder. I also have a protein shake after I work out.

There are lots of good powders on the market now. I have tried numerous different brands but I tend to revert back to Pulsin's Brown Rice Protein which is about the most natural you'll find. It doesn't taste of anything much so it's great to add to smoothies. 


Omega 3

Though I eat fish regularly, research shows that it's almost impossible to get optimal levels of Omega 3 from diet alone. In the last couple of months I've taken Minami MorEPA Platinum and Bare Biology Lion Heart both of which are high strength, pure omega 3 supplements. 



I first found out I was anaemic when I went to give blood and was told I couldn't because my iron was too low. As a newly qualified nutritionist, that was slightly embarrassing! I don't eat a lot of red meat which provides one of the best absorbed forms of iron so I take Solgar's Gentle Iron. Whenever I've come off it my iron levels slowly drop and I start to feel sleepy in the afternoons so I am fairly consisted with this one.


Vitamin C

Most animals make vitamin C but we don't. Some primates, guinea pigs and fruit bats are the other mammals that don't, in case you were wondering! A diet rich in fruit and veg should provide adequate vitamin C but I do take a supplement as well, for backup. It's a powerful antioxidant and essential for collagen synthesis. My research into nutrition and skin ageing put vit C on the must-take list for me! There are loads of good vitamin C products out there, I'm currently taking Viridian's Ester C


Vitamin D

I talk about vitamin D often enough so if you read my blog regularly, I imagine you'd have expected to see this on the list! The government recommends that we all take vitamin D during autumn and winter months. The first time I tested mine it was not as high as I'd have liked, despite supplementing. So I switched to a better absorbed brand and upped my dose. I now take BetterYou DLux 3000iu every day. 



I did some tests a couple of years back and the only mineral that wasn't at an optimal level was manganese. We don't talk about manganese a lot but it's an essential mineral which isn't widely available in the diet. My diet is consistently pretty good yet I wasn't getting enough so I have kept supplementing manganese since. I use Solgar's Chelated Manganese



I don't take magnesium as a swallowable pill, rather as a moisturiser! BetterYou keep me in constant supply and have a wide range of topical magnesium products. Their body butter is my favourite. Silky soft skin that smells of coconut AND a magnesium boost at the same time, what's not to love?! 


Supplements I take occasionally:

When I feel stressed I take rhodiola, one of my favorite herbal supplements of all time. It has a noticably calming effect on me. Many of my clients have reported the same. 

If I feel a cold coming on I take Unbeeleivable Health Bee Prepared Max Strength (this and Vicks First Defence are the ultimate cold-fighting combination, in my opinion)

If I ever have to take antibiotics I'll follow this with a course of high strength, multi strain probiotic. Of course, I take antibiotics only when I really need to. 

I also trial things I get sent but the list could go on forever if I included all of those! 


So this is my supplement routine - what are you taking and why? If you have any questions about your own supplement plan, or what supplements you could benefit from taking personally, feel free to get in touch