Add an abundance of chocolate to lockdown and sticking to a healthy routine may well be more challenging than usual.

Here’s how to enjoy it in a healthy, balanced way.



If family and friends want to buy chocolate for you, put in a request for a healthier chocolate egg. The higher the percentage of cocoa, the less room there is for sugar. Aim for a high percentage of cacao – over 70%. Or, if you’d rather avoid chocolate altogether, there are some lovely spring flowers around at this time of year!



Don’t to eat too much at once with the intention of getting rid of the chocolate sooner. Break it down into moderate portion sizes which will have less of an impact on your blood sugar level. It’s healthier all round, both for your body and mindset, so have a small amount of chocolate more regularly rather than binge eating it all in one go. And if you do want to get it gone, don’t feel guilty about giving it away or throwing it out.



Don’t give yourself the excuse that there was nothing else to eat. Ensure you have plenty of your usual healthy foods to hand so that you don’t end up hungry and on the hunt for the nearest open pack of Mini Eggs. It’s also worth saving Easter eggs for dessert. Eating chocolate on an empty stomach spikes blood sugar levels. Have yours after a protein and veg-based meal which will minimise it’s negative effects on your energy levels and your weight.



Make sure your decision to eat chocolate is a conscious one. Are you really going to enjoy it? Or are you just eating it because it’s there? If you’re likely to find yourself mindlessly picking away at treats left out on the side, wrap them back up and put them on a top shelf of a cupboard, or somewhere else out of the way.


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Even the healthiest people eat treats (and don’t forget that high quality, dark chocolate has health benefits!) They just go back to eating normally afterwards rather than letting it be the start of a downward spiral. Enjoy the chocolate you do eat and get back to your usual healthy routine as soon as the celebrations are over.


If you know you’ll find Easter a challenge because bingeing and self sabotage is an issue for you, or you need some help to improve your health, please get in touch. We would be happy to arrange a call with you to discuss how we can help you.


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