Making healthy swaps is one of the easiest ways to improve your nutrition. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your health or simply optimise your diet and nutrient intake, making these healthy swaps will get you off to a good start.




Swaps: crisps
For: kale crisps 


Swap: roasted salted / coated nuts
For: plain nuts or olives


Swap: sandwiches
For: omelette / frittata


Swap: cream based sauces
For: tomato based sauces


Swap: salad dressings
For: olive oil and lemon juice / apple cider vinegar


Swap: creamy dip selections
For: guacamole / good quality hummus


Swap: refined, starchy carbohydrates like rice and pasta
For: non starchy vegetables like cauliflower rice and courgetti




Swap: dessert
For: two tablespoons of plain coconut yoghurt (like Coyo or Coconut Collaborative) with a handful of berries


Swap: chocolate bars
For: a keto bar like Ketohana or Pulsin


Swap: sugary cereal
For: keto / paleo granola


Swap: sugar
For: xylitol (a natural sweetener)


Swap: dried fruit
For: berries
(A huge difference of 60g sugar per 100g for sultanas vs 6g sugar per 100g for strawberries)




Swap: fruit juice
For: water infused with slices of citrus fruit


Swap: sweetened coffee shop coffees
For: black coffee or a cappuccino / latte made with unsweetened almond or coconut milk


Swap: fizzy drinks
For: sparkling water with fresh lime. Or try Waterdrop


Swap: cows milk
For: unsweetened nut milk


Swap: Pornstar Martini (or any other cocktail containing high amounts of sugar)
For: Margarita or a mojito without the sugar


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