Have you ever wondered what nutritionists order from Deliveroo?


We asked our team about their favourite take aways.


There are some great healthy options now available for delivery if you’re looking for an easy, nutritious meal. But you’ll see that like most people, we enjoy a curry or a burger too!


Here is what our team of nutritionists order from Deliveroo.



My favourite is Pho Vietnamese and their Spicy Green Noodle Soup. I also love Thai food especially Green Curry and Tom Yum.



With three children, we often end up at Byron Burger or with some kind of Thai food. The children usually have a lengthy debate / fight about it and I just go with the flow!



I don’t live in London so I don’t have access to many of the amazing healthy options Londoners do. The limited Chinese and Indian options contain high quantities of unhealthy fats, sugars and undesirable additives like MSG so I tend to avoid them.



Poké is my Deliveroo go-to for a fresh, healthy and filling clinic day lunch. I love a good quality curry or a Lebanese mezze when I have friends or family over.



I have recently been enjoying Vietnamese or Sushi from Deliveroo. I particularly love traditional summer rolls with fresh water prawns and grilled eggplant and crispy bean curd. Otherwise, it’s a sashimi set with a delicious seaweed salad.


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