I’d like to introduce you to Vicky Eldridge, magazine editor and a personal friend of mine. I have been working with Vicky to help her lose weight and improve her health and has now reached her goal weight, having lost two and a half stone. Read on to find out more about her weight loss success…


As part of my brand ambassador role for ProLon, the world’s first fast mimicking diet, I have looked after a number of editors and journalists who have trialled the diet to write about it for various magazines and newspapers. Vicky came to me to trial ProLon, but she expressed to me that she was keen to lose more weight and I offered to support her with this beyond her trialling the five day diet.

The full story of Vicky’s weight loss journey was published on Healthista this week. Here she explains how she had struggled with her weight for years and tried many different diets before finally achieving her goal.

I asked Vicky how she felt working with me was different. I wanted to understand why she believed that she succeeded in achieving her goal weight this time and what made her confident she would keep the weight off. Here was her reply…

You are not rigid or judgmental. You try and understand each individual persons challenges and triggers and work with them to find solutions to that without making them feel bad about themselves. You are hugely supportive and kind and have a lot of empathy which makes it easy to be honest with you when I fall off track or am struggling because I don’t think I’m going to get “told off” or judged. You just suggest things I could do to help with that and tell me not to beat myself up. You are encouraging and that helps motivate me. You have such an incredible amount of knowledge and are so good at what you do but you don’t use that to make others feel inferior, you share your knowledge with love and build people up with your kindness and caring nature. You have helped me to see that it’s not about quick fix diets its about lifestyle change, self love and balance. I feel good in my new skin and want to be kind to my body with food and to be healthy which motivates me to maintain a healthy weight. 

Reading her words really touched me. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to do a job that I love and that enables me to help people like this. ProLon is just one of a number of nutritional tools my team and I use in clinic to help our clients achieve their goal weight. We combine this with coaching to uncover self sabotaging behaviours and help our clients develop new, healthy habits that ensure long term success.


If you would like to lose weight or improve your health and mindset around food, please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you and start your journey to weight loss success.


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