Did you know that your DNA can help determine your ideal diet and support weight loss?


If you are looking for a nutrition plan that is truly bespoke to your own individual needs then your DNA can help. DNA testing has been gaining popularity over the last few years and is now commonplace in the nutrition world. The latest research into the link between genes and nutrition (known as nutrigenetics) is providing ways to tailor nutrition programmes and diets to each individual like never before possible.




I regularly use tests in my clinic because they provide me with a greater understanding of my client’s health status and nutritional needs.


More recently I have started incorporateing DNA screening into my list of testing services. I have already been pleasantly surprised with just how significant results have been when clients have taken on board the recommendations of their test results.




The DNA test is carried out via a simple mouth swab. No needles are required for this one. The swab sample is sent to the laboratory where experts analyse your sample and develop a report on your personal genetic markers associated with health, nutrition and fitness. Based on these results you will be provided with a personalised dietary and supplement plan to implement into your daily life.




The test can identify foods and drinks that you’re likely to have an intolerance or greater sensitivity to as well as those you tolerate well. It also tells us whether you have an increased need for certain nutrients. More specifically, the test looks at:


    • Lactose (from dairy) & Gluten (from wheat) Intolerance Risk
    • Detoxification Ability
    • Salt, Caffeine and Alcohol Sensitivity
    • Saturated Fat and Carbohydrate Sensitivity
    • Anti-Oxidant Requirement
    • Omega 3 Requirement
    • Vitamin D and B vitamin Requirements


The test will not give you disease risk information that you may rather not know. Rather it focusses on the factors you can positively influence through your nutrition and lifestyle.




The test I use is based on solid scientific evidence giving credibility to each gene screened and how that gene relates to our health.


There has been interesting research carried out into weight loss results in individuals following a DNA appropriate diet. In a recent study of 191 obese people by the University of Trieste, those using a DNA matched diet lost 33 per cent more weight than those counting calories. Patients on a DNA diet also gained 16% more muscle.


DNA diets are currently being pilot trialled within the NHS. Individuals in the study are provided with a genetically matched diet to see whether or not they lose more weight, and/or stick to the diet better, than a control group of individuals. The NHS is highly regarded for providing well researched, scientifically backed treatment giving recognition of the importance of this ever growing science.




As with most solutions I offer my clients, I first tested this out on myself. Some of the results came as no surprise to me. I’m sensitive to carbohydrates and so best suited to a low carbohydrate diet (sadly pasta is not my friend!) However, much of the information I discovered I was not aware of previously. One example being that I didn’t know I was sensitive to salt but since discovering this I’ve made a conscious effort to add less salt to my food. I notice that when I do, I retain less water.


I am now offering DNA testing to my clients in London and those who I consult nationally and internationally remotely. The cost is £249.


If you are interested in having your DNA tested in order to create a diet and nutrition plan truly unique to your needs, then please do get in touch.

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