The Intelligent Weight Loss Method

Our Intelligent Weight Loss method is a five pillar approach that ensures you are comprehensively supported in reaching your ideal weight and maintaining it long term. It combines tailored health, nutrition and lifestyle advice with mindset coaching and supportive accountability.


Underlying health issues are a common reason why many of our clients have struggled to successfully lose weight in the past. We work to identify and address any factors that have contributed to your weight gain. It is always our goal that we not only support you in achieving your desired weight, we also work to optimise your health and wellbeing at the same time. True transformation goes beyond a lower number on the scale or more comfortable fitting jeans. It means being in good health and feeling well – full of energy and with a positive outlook on life.


Nutrition can cause a lot of confusion due to the conflicting advice, marketing messages and sensationalist headlines we are exposed to. It’s our job to provide you with a clear understanding of the facts and provide you with a plan that’s tailored to your own individual needs. We pride ourselves on running an evidence-based practice. The tests we use are from reputable laboratories used by leading physicians. The dietary approaches we offer have years of scientific and clinical research validating their efficacy. The supplements we recommend are from the highest quality manufacturers who use therapeutic doses of bioavailable nutrients and herbs. This enables us to provide you with a safe and effective nutrition plan.


We believe that losing weight shouldn’t have to mean putting your life on hold. You should still be able to eat out, enjoy holidays and celebrate Christmas while being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We often hear about ‘a healthy balance’ but few of us struggle to maintain one. Working with us, we will support you in integrating healthy habits into your lifestyle so that maintaining that state of balance and your healthy weight becomes second nature.


‘As within, so without.’ Our bodies and minds are connected in countless ways and our outside world is a reflection of our inner world. Mindset can be defined as ‘thoughts and beliefs that shape habits. And your thought habits affect how you think, what you feel, and what you do’. Utilising coaching skills to support our client’s in evolving a healthier mindset and behaviours around food is what sets us apart from the vast majority of other diet and weight loss approaches. It’s a fundamental principle of our approach and vital for ensuring long-term success.


Our team are committed to your care, your experience working with us and, of course, your results. Each of our practitioners are trained in health coaching. This means that, alongside providing you with an effective nutritional strategy, they will also support you with the practical aspects of integrating a healthier diet into your way of life. We understand that it’s not always easy to make lasting changes and old habits can be hard to break. Your practitioner will work with you over a period of time to help identify and overcome any self sabotaging behaviours holding you back from achieving and maintaining your results long term. In between your consultations, our client care team are here to support with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here to support you every step of the way during your journey.

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