Juicing has become increasingly popular as it’s a simple and effective way to increase our vitamin, mineral and antioxidant intake from natural sources. The majority of shop bought green juices (even the healthy looking ones) contain a significant proportion of fruit juice. I really don’t encourage drinking these due to the high sugar content. Yes, it’s natural sugar, but it does’t make it any better for your health. For this reason, unless you’re lucky enough to have access to shop bought, fruit free vegetable juices, you’re better off making them at home.


Often green vegetable juices can be quite earthy in flavour but the sweet, fragrant combination of fennel and basil gives a delicious twist to a basic green vegetable juice.


Here’s the recipe:



One cucumber

One fennel bulb

Half a bunch of celery

One lime

A good handful of basil

…juice and enjoy!


N.B. Always opt for organic produce where possible



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