Last week, many of the major newspapers drew attention to an announcement from Public Health England advising everyone to supplement vitamin D.


Indoor lifestyles and increased use of sunscreen have lead to a significant decrease in the amount of vitamin D we absorb from sunlight – the main source of this vital vitamin.


Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency is something I see SO regularly in my clinic. If you haven’t already had your levels tested, please do! Don’t just assume that because you’ve caught a few rays recently that you’ll be fine.


I was interviewed by NetDoctor about my clinical experience of vitamin D deficiency and supplementation. Click this link if you wish to view the article.


I have written articles previously talking about all of the reasons why vitamin D is so important and the many improvements in health and wellbeing my D deficient clients have experienced since optimising their levels. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is.


If you need to have your vitamin D levels tested then ask your GP or I can arrange for you to have this done privately through The Doctor’s Laboratory just a few doors down from my clinic.

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