I regularly get asked what supplements I take and why, so I thought I would share my typical routine with you. I have a few core supplements that I take every day. Then I have some I take when I feel the need – such as when I feel a cold coming on, or if I’m starting to feel stressed due to a heavy workload.


I am not saying that my programme is right for everyone. We are all different but there are certainly a couple of core supplements I take consistently that many of us could benefit from.


Here are the supplements I’m currently taking, in no particular order…



This is the dietary supplement that I am most consistent about taking. Like most of us, I do best having protein at each of my meals. Often my breakfast is a berry and green veg smoothie with some healthy fat (seeds or avocado) and a scoop of protein powder. I also have a protein shake after I work out.

There are lots of good powders on the market now. Check out my article ‘5 of The Best Protein Powders‘ to find the right one for you.



Though I eat fish regularly, research shows that it’s almost impossible to get optimal levels of Omega 3 from diet alone. In the last couple of months I’ve taken Minami MorEPA Platinum and Bare Biology Lion Heart both of which are high strength, pure omega 3 supplements.



I first found out I was anaemic when I went to give blood and was told I couldn’t because my iron was too low. As a newly qualified nutritionist, that was slightly embarrassing! I don’t eat a lot of red meat which provides one of the best absorbed forms of iron so I take Solgar’s Gentle Iron. Whenever I’ve come off it my iron levels slowly drop and I start to feel sleepy in the afternoons so I am fairly consisted with this one.



Most animals make vitamin C but we don’t. Some primates, guinea pigs and fruit bats are the other mammals that don’t, in case you were wondering! A diet rich in fruit and veg should provide adequate vitamin C but I do take a supplement as well, for backup. It’s a powerful antioxidant and essential for collagen synthesis. My research into nutrition and skin ageing put vit C on the must-take list for me! There are loads of good vitamin C products out there, I’m currently taking Higher Nature’s Effervescent Vit C.



I talk about vitamin D often enough so if you read my blog regularly, I imagine you’d have expected to see this on the list! The government recommends that we all take vitamin D during autumn and winter months. The first time I tested mine it was not as high as I’d have liked, despite supplementing. So I switched to a better absorbed brand and upped my dose. I now take BetterYou DLux 3000iu every day.



I don’t take magnesium as a swallowable pill, rather as a moisturiser! BetterYou keep me in constant supply and have a wide range of topical magnesium products. Their body butter is my favourite. Silky soft skin that smells of coconut AND a magnesium boost at the same time, what’s not to love?



When I feel stressed I take rhodiola, one of my favorite herbal supplements of all time. It has a noticably calming effect on me. Many of my clients have reported the same. If I feel a cold coming on I take Unbeeleivable Health Bee Prepared Max Strength which works like magic. If I ever have to take antibiotics I’ll follow this with a course of high strength, multi strain probiotic. (Of course, I take antibiotics only when I really need to.) I also trial things I get sent but the list could go on forever if I included all of those!


If you’d like to purchase these or any other supplements, I recommend buying from Natural Dispensary, a fantastic company who offer a range of high quality supplements. You can use our discount code: ‘PEARSON10’ to get 10% off your order.

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