6 Weight Loss Retreats To Kick Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Are you in search of a retreat to kickstart your weight loss journey? You’ve come to the right place. As a team of weight loss nutritionists, we’re well aware of the key factors required for a healthy, successful weight loss retreat.
We work with clients to help them lose weight in

Weight Loss in London: Overcoming Challenges In The City

Our team of expert nutritionists understand the unique challenges of losing weight in London. Our clients are usually busy people. They’re often juggling work and family life while also trying to enjoy a social life. A diary full of commitments and a social lifestyle can often add an extra layer

How To Lose Belly Fat: The Weight Loss Nutritionist’s Guide

It’s one of the most common weight loss questions that we get asked: how do you lose belly fat? Whether you call it ‘middle-aged spread’, ‘beer belly’, or ‘muffin top’ excess weight in this area can be the most challenging to lose. Belly fat also poses specific risks to your

What Are Sirtfoods? And Can The Sirtfood Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Back in 2015 we were introduced to the concept of ‘sirtfoods’ and their potential for promoting weight loss. The Daily Mail covered the story of a woman who claims she saw significant reductions in her body fat by eating more foods known as ‘sirtuin activators’ or sirtfoods. So what are

Top Tips For Fast Weight Loss (That Is Still Healthy)

There’s a commonly held myth that for weight loss to be healthy, it has to be slow. I’m happy to tell you that’s not necessarily true. So long as you’re following a nutritionally sound eating plan, focused on reducing body fat whilst preserving muscle mass, you can lose weight quickly

Tracking Weight Loss: How to Take Body Measurements

Knowing how to take body measurements is important when losing weight. Many of us jump on the scale in order to track our progress. However, your weight alone (and even your BMI) doesn’t always tell the whole story.
Any good fat loss programme will incorporate optimal levels of protein which, especially when

Is a ‘Soup and Shake’ Diet Right For You?

This week the NHS announced plans to offer ‘soup and shake diets’ to those with type 2 diabetes. Previously, meal replacement diets have been discussed for use by the NHS to help tackle the UK’s obesity crisis. So should you consider a meal replacement ‘soup and shake diet’ if you’re

How To Break Bad Habits

With lockdown measures easing, there’s no better time than now to review which of your habits are serving you well, and which aren’t. I recently wrote an article for the Evening Standard on the habits we, as a nation, have been developing during lockdown. On the whole we have been

What Is The Proteifine Diet?

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight quickly and keep it off for good, Proteifine may well be the solution for you. I have worked with Proteifine since it was first introduced to the UK in 2010 and I can confidently say that I

How Martina Coogan Lost Eight And A Half Stone

At my practice we work with clients who come to us with a wide variety of weight loss goals. Today I want to share with you the amazing weight loss story of Martina Coogan.
Some just want to lose ‘that stubborn last half a stone’ (or 3kgs).
For many it’s somewhat more

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