We hear it said that ‘diets don’t work’, but many of us have been on a diet (or six) and experienced weight loss. So do diets work or not?


The truth is that if you picked a popular diet at random and started it today, you would likely lose weight. That diet may be a disaster from a nutritional / health perspective, but most diets (when stuck to) will see your weight come down in the short term. This may or may not be accompanied by muscle loss, skin sagging, nutrient depletion and other unwelcome side effects.


Let’s pick up on the ‘short term’ part…


Most clients who come to us have been on diets in the past. My bookshelf is filled with diet books but I still hear of new ones from clients who have tried just about everything at some point.


It can feel like being stuck in an endless cycle of ‘on a diet and losing weight, or off a diet and gaining it again’.


Sound familiar?




For weight loss to be truly successful I believe it needs to be LASTING. And that is why we say ‘diets don’t work’. Because the statistics on long term weight loss are not reassuring. In the long term, diets don’t work.


I’ll say it again, for weight loss to be truly successful it needs to be lasting. And for this to be achieved we need to take a deep dive into what is driving this gaining, losing, gaining cycle.


It’s not simply about finding you ‘the right diet’ (although that is important too).


It might be about working on self sabotaging behaviours, non-hunger eating or a chronic lack of sleep.


It could be about identifying an underlying health issue making it hard (even impossible) to lose weight, and harder still to keep it off.


Or it may be about cutting through the total confusion over whether a keto, paleo, vegan (ad. Infinitum) diet is best for you.


Having worked with hundreds of women and men over 15 years to help them lose weight, I realised a long time ago that simply handing someone a diet plan and expecting that alone to result in lasting weight loss was just not working.


Thank you to the clients who showed me this. Together we grow.




I have worked hard, over many years, to create a method of practicing that ensures lasting results.


Whatever has prevented you from maintaining your weight loss long term in the past, we want to help you get really clear on why that was. And then we want to help you overcome those barriers to long term success.


Are you ready to embark on a weight loss journey for the last time? If so, we are here to help. You can request a complimentary call to speak with us about your challenges and learn how we can support you in overcoming them, once and for all.


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