Dietary Approaches

With a focus on treating you as an individual, we don’t take a one size fits all approach to your nutrition. We recognise that everyone is different, which is why we take time to understand you, your goals, your state of health and your lifestyle to ensure that your nutrition plan is truly tailored to your unique needs. We work with a number of different dietary strategies in order to be able to provide an approach that’s perfect for you. There is no need to decide in advance which approach is right for you. During your consultation we will work with you to identify the right approach to ensure you achieve your goals. Here are our four most popular dietary approaches…


    Our team of nutritionists are trained in creating food and supplement plans tailored to individual needs. We can provide you with a nutritional strategy outlining how to structure meals, the foods to focus and portion sizes, as well as those to limit or avoid. We will provide you with simple to create, delicious meal ideas, as well as the best options for when eating out.


    The Proteifine Diet, from French nutrition laboratory Ysonut, is one of Europe’s leading weight loss solutions. Available solely through doctors and nutritionists, this sophisticated, protein based diet, ketogenic meal replacement programme (sometimes referred to as soup and shake diets) delivers unparalleled results. Clients achieve fast fat loss and improvement in health markers as well as experiencing improved energy levels and no hunger. Kim Pearson was the first nutritionist in the UK to introduce Proteifine to her clients and she has now worked with Ysonut for over a decade.


    For more information on the Proteifine Diet please click here.


    ProLon is a five-day, fast mimicking diet and one of the dietary strategies we work with. Alongside your bespoke food plan, a period of fasting may be advised in order to optimise health and kick start weight loss. ProLon is the result of extensive research and has been specially designed to allow the body to enter a fasted state, while you can still eat and provide the body with essential nutrients. ProLon may be recommended as part of your nutritional strategy when you work with us or you can buy ProLon directly from us, without a programme. We offer a complimentary 30 minute screening to ensure your suitability and explain how to carry out ProLon in the most effective way for you.


    For more information about ProLon please click here.


    For a very limited number of clients, we are able to offer fresh, organic meals prepared by our in-house chef. Working closely with your nutritional therapist, our chef will prepare you delicious meals according to nutritional guidelines set our by your practitioner.

    Please note that we are only able to provide this service to clients based in London and our capacity is limited. If you wish to enquire about this service, please contact us.