Our consultation programmes are designed to ensure that you are comprehensively supported in reaching your goal weight and maintaining it long term. Your practitioner will work you to optimise your diet, lifestyle and relationship with food to ensure lasting results. The format of your programme will depend on your goals and the level of support you require. We recommend booking in for a complimentary call with one of our experts who can learn more about your current situation and what you are looking to achieve. You can then decide together which programme is most suited to your needs. Here are further details about the programmes we offer.

    (Four Consultations)

    Who is it for?


    This programme is suited to three types of clients:


    Those who have a short deadline – perhaps you have a holiday or special event coming up and you want to achieve maximum results within a minimal timeframe. This programme will ensure you do it in a healthy and long lasting way.

    Those who have a smaller weight loss goal – achieve and maintain your ideal weight with bespoke nutrition recommendations and coaching support to ensure long term success.

    Those who want to get back on track – if you have worked with us previously but feel you could benefit from a diet review and a period of refocusing, this programme is for you.

    What's Included?


    – Initial Consultation (a 90-minute comprehensive health, diet and lifestyle assessment)
    – Bespoke nutrition plan
    – Three follow-up consultations (45-minute  consultations to be held in clinic or via video / audio call)

    (Seven Consultations)

    Who is it for?


    Our 12 Week Programme is suited to those who want to gain clarity around how to achieve and maintain their optimal health and weight. If you are not sure what diet is right for you, this programme provides you with bespoke nutrition recommendations tailored to your unique nutritional needs, goals and lifestyle.

    This, along with coaching support, will allow you to break negative patterns of behaviour, truly integrate your programme into your lifestyle and gain control over your diet and health long term.


    What's Included?


    – Initial Consultation (90-minute comprehensive health, diet and lifestyle assessment)
    – Bespoke nutrition plan
    – 6 follow up consultations (45-minute consultations held in clinic or via video / audio call)

    (Monthly Rolling)

    Who is it for?


    This programme is suited to those who are committed to transforming their health and mind-set. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose or feel you need the top level of support, this programme is for you.

    The focus of our membership programme is to get your diet and lifestyle back on track and ensures you are comprehensively supported in developing a new, healthy way of life.

    This provides you with the opportunity to work through and overcome negative, self-sabotaging behaviour that has lead to health issues and / or excess weight.

    Bespoke nutrition guidance is combined with intensive coaching and support when you need it most to ensure maximum results and transformational changes.

    What's Included?


    – Initial Consultation (90-minute comprehensive health, diet and lifestyle assessment)
    – Bespoke nutrition plan
    – Weekly follow up consultations (45-minutes each, held in clinic or via video / audio call)
    – Emergency 15 minute phone check-ins, as needed

    Terms: This is a subscription programme. A joining fee applies.

    (Annual Membership)

    Who is it for?


    If you’re reading this because you have achieved your ideal weight, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you. We acknowledge the commitment you’ve made to improving your health and nutrition and hope that you are experiencing the many benefits associated.

    It is our aim to support you in maintaining your ideal weight long-term. We are well aware that many people successfully lose weight, only to regain it over time. Stressful life events, changes in circumstance and holidays all have the potential to throw us off track. Even just gradually slipping out of your current healthy routine can happen all too easily. We understand the frustration and disappointment this leads to and we are committed to making sure that the chances of this happening to you are

    In our experience, ongoing guidance, support and accountability are key factors in ensuring long-term weight maintenance. Therefore, we would like to offer you the option of maintaining your results and your place as a priority client by joining our Maintenance Membership Programme.

    What's Included?


    – 4 coaching consultations per year, 45-minutes each (in clinic or via video call / phone).
    – Consultation are scheduled in January, April, July, and October.
    – Up to 4 ‘emergency’, 15 minute calls, if needed. Calls can be scheduled any month but must be booked in advance by contacting the office via phone or email.
    – Priority booking, bypassing our waiting list which is common at certain times of the year.
    – Priority placement into a more focussed programme, if ever required.

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