Speedy and warming, there are few better autumn lunches than a healthy soup. We have scoured the shelves to bring you our favourite healthy soup brands.


It’s worth bearing in mind that most soups are based on vegetables and provide little in the way of protein or healthy fat. This can be easily rectified with the addition of some olive oil and a source of protein. Try using leftover roast organic meat or adding in some chunks of marinated tempeh. A couple of poached eggs dropped into a green soup can also work well.



Made on their own farm using organic produce. Daylesford offer a wide range of soups including three based on bone broth, slow-cooked to help release collagen.

Our favourite: 12 Hour Chicken Bone Broth with Ginger and Vegetables

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Soupologie make a range of super-healthy soups. Their 5-A-Day range provide you with five servings of vegetables per pot. Arguably the easiest way to get a head start on your daily veg intake.

Our favourite: Turmeric, Carrot and Coconut

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A range of healthy soups in a convenient heatable bottle. RE:NOURISH offer six different soups designed to offer benefits from supporting immunity and digestive health to promoting calm.

Our favourite: Kale, Spinach & Turmeric Soup

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This juice company have launched a range of tasty, healthy soups. PRESS’s Firey Coconut Curry contains enough fat from the coconut that you won’t need to add any extra. Order direct from their website and throw a couple of green juices into your order too.

Our favourite: Firey Coconut Curry

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Bay’s kitchen started by owner Bay after she was diagnosed with IBS and advised to follow a low FODMAP diet. Struggling to find convenient low FODMAP foods, Bay made her own soups and from this her company was born. The result is three delicious, healthy soups which are suitable for those following a low FODMAP diet.

Our favourite: Tomato and Roasted Pepper Soup

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