Pudding for breakfast? You won’t hear a nutritionist recommending it very often but this is an exception. Chia seed pudding makes for a tasty, nourishing and filling breakfast, alternatively, you can enjoy them as a healthy dessert, which will impress dinner guests, too.


Chia seeds provide a variety of beneficial nutrients including fibre, magnesium, calcium and iron. Plus, they are a  vegan source of protein and omega 3 – everyone is jumping on the chia bandwagon and for good reason.


There are many recipes available online using all sorts of delicious flavour combinations. Here is my quick and easy go-to recipe.





    • 4 dessert spoons chia seeds
    • 1 cup measure of unsweetened non dairy milk 
    • ½ teaspoon natural vanilla (I like Taylor & Colledge ground pure vanilla bean)
    • ½ teaspoon stevia or one teaspoon xylitol (optional)
    • 80g raspberries and / or blueberries



    1. In a bowl, stir together the chia seeds, coconut milk, vanilla and sweetener if using.
    2. Mix well and allow to sit for at least 30 minutes or ideally, overnight. The seeds will swell and become a jelly like consistency.
    3. Top the chia seed pudding with your berries.
    4. Serve and enjoy.



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