It’s September which means that summer holidays are over, children are going back to school and there’s a sense of getting back to normality and daily life.


Over the summer it’s easy to let our usual nutrition habits and fitness routines slip. Whilst it can be fun at the time, returning to the real world can be a bit of a shock to the system.


If that sounds like you right now, you’re not alone. Don’t panic – there is almost always a solution! Start by considering these three steps for addressing where you are and making a plan for where you want to be…




Be honest with yourself. Take time to consider where you are in terms of your current nutrition and exercise habits. That might mean getting on the scales to see whether you’ve gained weight over summer and if so, how much. It might be acknowledging that you’ve not actually seen the inside of your gym for the last month. Or that the healthy food that usually occupies your cupboards and fridge seems to be less present than normal!


Taking an honest look at your current situation allows you to take positive steps towards addressing anything you’d like to change.


Don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t currently look the way you would like them to. Be kind to yourself, accept who and where you are now. Any changes you decide to make should come from a place of wanting to care for your body … not fight against it.




If you want to lose weight, how much and by when?


If you want to ‘get fit’, what does this actually mean for you? Being able to run a marathon or simply climb up the stairs without getting out of breath?


Is there a specific health condition or niggle that you want to address?


Perhaps you simply want to improve your diet in order to make it as nutritious and healthy as possible.

Writing down anything you want to address in detail, including why it’s important for you to do so, can help you to get clarity here.




After you’ve worked out exactly what you want to achieve, it’s time to make a plan as to how you’re going to do it.


Be realistic when considering this. Think about what has worked in the past, as well as what hasn’t. If you’ve promised yourself 100 time that you’ll start going to the gym, yet you’ve never managed it (because, let’s face it, you hate the gym) then forget the gym! There are lots of other ways to get fit. Perhaps a class would suit you better? Maybe getting a personal trainer who can train you at home, or finding a workout video on YouTube appeals more than sweating in front of other people! You know you best…


Be specific about your goals. If you’re aiming to eat more healthily, how are you going to do that? Will you prep your lunches the weekend before? Commit to just one treat meal per week? Get at least five portions of veg every day? The more specific you can be with your goals, the easier it is to assess whether you’re sticking to them!


Again, writing down your plans can help make them feel more real, and more of a commitment, rather than just ideas that float around your mind.


If you’re getting refocussed on your diet and nutrition this September and feel you could benefit from some support in doing so, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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