We receive regular enquiries asking whether our most popular weight loss programme, the Proteifine Diet, is suitable for vegetarians. The answer is absolutely yes. I believe that Proteifine is the perfect weight loss plan for vegetarians.


As a former vegetarian of 14 years, I struggled with my weight, consuming a carb heavy diet with minimal protein. This left me tired through much of my 20s and a good stone heavier than I am now. As a vegetarian it can be a challenge to consume optimal amounts of protein from good quality sources. Meat, fish, seafood and eggs are amongst the best sources of protein as they provide all essential amino acids making them a ‘complete protein’. Vegetable sources of protein such as beans and lentils don’t provide all essential amino acids. In addition to this they also provide considerably more starchy carbohydrates than animal sources of protein which is not necessarily supportive of weight loss.


Optimising protein intake is essential for promoting healthy weight loss and ensuring long term weight maintenance. The Proteifine Diet comprises over 160 protein based meals made up of vegetarian sources: pea, soya, egg and milk. The vast majority of Proteifine products are suitable for vegetarians.


In my experience, vegetarians tend to find the Proteifine Diet easy to stick to and often more varied than their usual diet. I have also noticed a number of interesting positive side effects whilst working with vegetarian clients on Proteifine:



Due to an increase in protein intake, vegetarians find that they are considerably less hungry (and more satisfied from foods) compared to before they started the diet.



On monitoring their body composition, I usually see a more significant increase in muscle mass in vegetarians compared with meat eaters. This is beneficial because it ensures a lean and toned appearance and also helps with long term weight maintenance.



Collagen and elastin are proteins, therefore optimal intake of easily absorbed and digested protein is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Many clients see improvements in their skin whilst on Proteifine, not just vegetarians. In clients who have a considerable amount of weight to lose, this also helps prevent skin sagging.



A significant intake of starchy carbohydrates combined with a suboptimal protein intake often leads to fluctuating blood sugar levels which typically result in energy dips. Proteifine is designed to ensure a regulated blood sugar level and therefore a consistent and sustained energy level throughout the day.



Certain amino acids are important for the regulation of mood and sleep. Tryptophan is the natural amino acid precursor for serotonin (the ‘happy hormone’) and melatonin (which regulates sleep). This amino acid is commonly lacking in a vegetarian diet. Tryptophan is a key element of the Proteifine Diet and many report better sleep and a more consistent mood as a result – not to mention no ‘diet blues’.



The Proteifine Diet has transformed the health, figures and lives of many of my clients, numerous vegetarians included! If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to book you in for a complimentary weight loss strategy call to understand what you’re looking to achieve and discuss how we can help.


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