Hot chocolate is not something we would naturally consider to be healthy. But there is no denying that it’s delicious and comforting, especially during the cold winter months.


Pre-mixed powders and coffee shop options often can contain a considerable amount of sugar. An average coffee shop hot chocolate, such as the Grande Classic with semi-skilled milk from Starbucks contains 28g of sugar (equivalent to seven teaspoons). And that is before considering their more indulgent options. A single Venti Signature Caramel Hot Chocolate with oat milk contains an incredible 94g (equivalent to 23 teaspoons). This is not to mention the stabilisers, emulsifiers and other undesirable additives.


To find out just how much sugar is hiding in your favourite hot drink, you can view the nutritional information for Costa drinks here and for Starbucks drinks here.


My sugar-free, healthy hot chocolate consists of only three ingredients, is suitable for vegans and is equally tasty, so why not try it instead?









  1. Heat up your cup of unsweetened nut milk in a pan on a medium heat.
  2. Whilst your milk is warming up, mix your cacao powder and xlyitol together with a splash of unsweetened nut milk and stir until a rich paste is formed.
  3. Once the unsweetened nut milk is at your preferred temperature, slowly pour it from the pan into the mug, mixing to ensure no lumps form.
  4. Wait until your hot chocolate is cool enough to drink and enjoy, ideally under a weighted blanket with a good magazine!


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