It’s a sad fact that every year, many people embark on New Year’s resolutions that don’t stick beyond a couple of weeks and have little or no impact on their long term health. Here are some ideas for alternative simple and healthy New Year’s resolutions that have the potential to stick for good!



If exercise if a chore, chances are you’re not going to commit to it long term or see the results you want. Gyms make crazy amounts of money from members who sign up in January and have stopped going by the time March arrives. Instead, find an exercise you enjoy. It might be a class. If you’ve not done classes before, there are a huge variety available. Class Pass allows you to try out different classes, enabling you to find what works for you. You might choose to take up running with a friend. Or exercise at home with the help of YouTube workouts or apps like Freeletics. There are so many options available – the gym isn’t your only route to fitness.



I’ll admit to having a sweet tooth. How many of us can admit to sweet things being our weakness?! When I feel the need for something sweet, I pop in to my nearest health food shop for a Pulsin’ Protein Bar. It’s an all natural, vegan protein bar that contains 13g protein and far less sugar than a standard chocolate bar. There are an increasing number of tasty, good quality, natural protein bars available these days. Swapping your chocolate bar or biscuit for one is an easy way to boost your protein intake and reduce your sugar consumption.



If your New Years goals include shifting a few pounds, try focussing on what you should be eating, rather than what you’re not eating. The majority of us could do with eating more veggies, so why not dig out some recipe books or do some research on line and find creative ways to make vegetables more interesting? Try buying some different types of fish and seafood, or experiment with veggie sources of protein such as tofu and pulses. Focussing on what you can eat, rather than what you’re cutting down on, is a far more positive way to approach things.



One of the easiest ways many of us could improve our health is to change what we drink. Change your ordinary tea for green tea, or rooibos with almond milk. If you’re hooked on sugar in your hot drinks, switch to stevia or xylitol until you can cut down to none at all, ideally.


When it comes to booze, it’s all too easy to get into the habit of drinking every night. Or regularly drinking above the recommended amount. Or both of the above! Of course, a Dry January is a great idea but if you’re not prepared to commit to a whole month off alcohol, start by consciously drinking less. Have at least two days without alcohol per week. Set yourself a goal of drinking one glass less per night. On a night out, or an occasion where you’re likely to drink an increased amount, decide in advance how many drinks to have and stick to it! You’ll thank yourself for it the next day…