Do you love your coffee, but wonder about it’s effects on your health? The good news is, there is evidence to suggest that drinking moderate amounts of coffee is supportive of brain health and has been associated with reduced risk of dementia later in life. However, how you drink your coffee can significantly affect how good it is for you.


Here are five ways to make your coffee healthier…


Organic coffee ensures you’re avoiding pesticide exposure. Not only better for your own health, but also for the health of the environment. I have it on good authority that Waitrose Organic Coffee is a winner. Grabbing a coffee on the go? All Pret coffee is organic.


Ditch the milk and take it black. Or, if you are partial to a cappuccino, choose unsweetened nut or coconut milk. New to milk alternatives? Check out my guide to the best dairy free milks to find out which milk alternative makes the best cappuccino.


Partial to a chocolatey topping? Then ditch the cocoa and choose a healthier version. Despite their similar names, there’s a big difference between cocoa and cacao. Cocoa powder is usually highly processed, devoid of nutrients and contains plenty of added sugar. Cacao on the other hand is a pure form of chocolate which is very close to it’s natural state. It contains no added sugar, provides a number of health benefits and is a good source of iron.



We’ve all heard quite enough about how bad sugar is for us! But if you’re still hooked on a sweet coffee fix, try a healthier sweetener. Stevia is a more natural, calorie free sweetener. It’s widely available at supermarkets. Even Starbucks now provides stevia in sachets alongside the standard sugar options.


Coffee, as with many things, is fine in moderation but not good when consumed in excess. Stick to a maximum of two or three coffees per day (one or two espressos) and opt for high quality, organic coffee. Too much can lead to dehydration so make sure you have a glass of water before and after your coffee.


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