ProLon: Frequently Asked Questions

ProLon: Frequently Asked Questions

ProLon is the world’s first fasting mimicking diet (FMD). It’s the result of decades of research and is an effective way to support weight loss and optimise health.

As a team of nutritionists specialising in weight loss, ProLon is a dietary approach we frequently recommend to our clients. Working with a nutritionist to optimise your weight loss can significantly improve your short and long term results. You can book a complimentary call with us today if you would like to find out more.

Here, we’ve put together a few frequently asked questions to explain more about what ProLon it is and how it works.


ProLon is a five day fast programme that activates the body’s abilities to protect, repair and rejuvenate itself. It enables you to benefit from the benefits of prolonged fasting, without having to stop eating altogether. Developed by leading researchers at the University of Southern California, it is the result of extensive research spanning two decades. Kim Pearson worked closely with ProLon’s UK team the US scientific team on it’s launch in the UK.


The fast mimicking diet induces regenerative and rejuvenating changes, positively affecting a wide range of markers that contribute to ageing, such as inflammation, visceral (abdominal) fat and fasting glucose (blood sugar). It acts as a true cellular detoxification and of course, will promote weight loss.

Read more about the benefits of fasting here.


Fasting mimicking diets (FMD) have shown effectiveness in reducing insulin resistance, liver fat, inflammation, and aging markers. This diet involves consuming specially formulated food with controlled dietary macros for 5 days followed by normal eating for 25 days monthly. The latest research by USC Leonard Davis School Professor Valter Longo demonstrated significant health benefits of FMD, including improved metabolic markers and reduced biological ageing by an average of 2.5 years.


This varies for everyone and depends on factors such as your age, your gender and how much body fat you have to start with. In a clinical study the average weight loss was 5.7lbs and 1.6 inches off their waist circumference, over three ProLon cycles (one a month for 3 months). Many people we have worked with have lost around 5lbs over one ProLon cycle.

However, it’s important to remember that a certain amount of the weight loss will be water weight. Eating smaller amounts of food also means there’s less in your digestive system. So not all weight loss you see on the scale will be fat loss. Taking measurements before and after your ProLon cycle can help you identify how effective ProLon is at helping you lose body fat. Here is a guide to how and where to measure yourself when losing weight.


The fast is designed to be done three times over three months to start with, ideally with 25 days in-between. As a maintenance it should be carried out three times a year for a typical healthy person. However, you should always follow the advice of your doctor or nutritionist.


The makers of ProLon advise against carrying out two consecutive five day fasts. They explain that there have been no studies to test the impacts of carrying out a FMD for 10 days and that in certain people, this could be unsafe. ProLon is low in certain nutrients such as protein. For this reason, it’s safe to carry out for a short, five day period. However, if you continue the fast beyond the five days, or fast more regularly than advised, you risk depleting your body of the vital nutrients it needs to function optimally.


You receive a box filled with five smaller boxes of food – one for each day. It couldn’t be more straightforward to do. The fast consists of nut bars, soups, olives, kale crackers, herbal teas and supplements with a schedule detailing what to eat when.


 The FMD costs £199 per five day cycle or £189 per cycle if you subscribe.


You can use this link and enter our discount code KP10 to get 10% off your order.


We have received so much positive feedback from clients who have experienced the benefits of doing the FMD. Commonly reported benefits include fat loss and reduced bloating to improved mindfulness around food. You can read reviews from our clients and members of the press here.

Read Lisa Armstrong’s review of ProLon in The Telegraph here: The 800-calorie fast that promises to shift the pounds in 5 days.


It is important to note that fasting is not right for everyone. Anyone with an active infection or disease, a history of syncope (fainting), those taking regular medication and unless specifically recommended to by a qualified and experienced practitioner. Although research has demonstrated that fasting can help improve blood sugar regulation, fasting should not be recommended to medicated diabetics due to the risk of blood sugar levels dropping too low. Extended periods of fasting are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. FMDs cannot be done by individuals who are allergic to the ingredients in the programme which include nuts and soya. Fasting is not recommend for anyone with an eating disorder. 


There are two ways to do the FMD.

  1. If you would like to do the fast by yourself and feel that you don’t need additional advice or support, you can purchase ProLon directly from the company website. You can enter our discount code: KP10 to get 10% off your order.
  2. If you’re looking to take a more comprehensive approach to imprvoing your nutrition and health, we recommend joining one of our Intelligent Weight Loss Programmes. Your dedicated practitioner can understand your goals and ensure you continue seeing results once you transition back to regular food. We invite you to book in a complimentary call with Kim to learn more about how we can help you. Each of our programmes include an comprehensive initial assessment, a bespoke health plan and ongoing support to ensure you achieve your goals.



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Sarah has worked with hundreds of clients over the past decade to help them live in a healthy body that they feel confident in.

Sarah spent a large part of her teens and 20’s as a professional dancer battling with orthorexia and an unhealthy relationship with food and her body. This created a desire to understand the human body more so she could finally cut through the confusion and end the cycle of yoyo dieting. This fuelled her passion to help other women do the same.


Sarah specialises in supporting women who are struggling to lose weight due to underlying health issues. She’s helped many women manage their weight during and after the menopause, as well as clients with thyroid disease and immune system dysfunction. Sarah loves food and sharing healthy recipes with her clients. Her aim is to ensure that clients don’t feel deprived and instead, achieve their weight loss and health goals in a positive and sustainable way.


To enquire about working with Sarah, please contact us.



Ailsa is one of our most experienced practitioners. She specialises in helping clients to lose weight, develop a healthy relationship with food and finally feel comfortable in their skin. Ailsa’s mission is for everyone she works with to enjoy the journey and that working with a nutritionist should not be a punishment, but your access to a new possibility.


Ailsa is not only an experienced weight loss nutritionist, she is also a skilled coach. She helps our clients overcome emotional eating, destructive habits and self-sabotaging behaviours that have prevented successful weight loss in the past. Ailsa has spent years in clinic working with clients who have experienced yo-yo dieting and have discovered that long term weight loss is not just about eating less until you can stand it no longer.


Working with Ailsa you will be comprehensively supported, not only in improving your nutrition and lifestyle, but also your eating habits and your relationship with food. When you work on all these elements together, the results can be truly astonishing.


To enquire about working with Ailsa, please contact us.

Test Nikki is our Practice Manager, managing our team of practitioners and heading up the day-to-day running of the business. Nikki is involved in the strategic development of our practice, coming from a strong business background in town planning. A Florida girl, Nikki relocated to the UK in 2014 with her husband and two children.



Nikki is our Practice Manager, managing our team of practitioners and heading up the day-to-day running of th clinic.


Nikki is involved in the strategic development of our practice, coming from a strong business background in town planning.


A Florida girl, Nikki relocated to the UK in 2014 with her husband and two children.


Stéphanie is a skilled nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner with additional training in eating disorders, disordered eating and obesity. She believes that working towards both physiological and mental health is key in achieving optimum wellbeing.


Stéphanie’s personal experience of emotional eating and the ongoing struggle to find the right support led her to combine the science of nutrition with behavioural coaching to motivate and empower her clients. She specialises in helping people who struggle with their weight and their relationship with food. She helps them develop a healthier and more peaceful relationship with food and their bodies.


To enquire about working with Stéphanie, please contact us.


Inna is passionate about supporting women on their journey to improved health and wellbeing. She believes that the solution to effective weight loss does not lie in ever more restrictive diets, but a more sophisticated approach that optimises health and vitality, as well as promoting effective weight loss.


Working with Inna you will benefit from her in-depth knowledge of female health and hormones. She will support you in developing a healthy diet, lifestyle and mindset that ensures you reach your ideal weight and maintain it in the years to come.


Inna is passionate about food with a wide repertoire of delicious healthy recipes and meal ideas to ensure your weight loss journey is as enjoyable as possible!


To enquire about working with Inna, please contact us.



Ania is a firm believer that improving your health and losing weight should be a positive, empowering journey, not one centred around deprivation.


After being diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions in her twenties, Ania spent several years educating herself on the power of food and nutrition. She put it all into practise and changed her diet and lifestyle, reversing her endometriosis and thyroid disease. After experiencing such a significant improvement in her health, Ania had a big desire to help others. She embarked on a four year journey to study nutrition, graduating from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition with distinction.


Ania specialises in autoimmunity and works with clients who have underlying health issues preventing successful weight loss. Her expertise enables her to successfully support our clients with conditions such as hypothyroidsm (underactive thyroid), PCOS and diabetes. 


To enquire about working with Ania, please contact us.

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