Whether you’re aiming to lose weight or simply adopt a healthier diet, there is one very simple, yet very effective way to help you stay on track.


I write this post as I have just eaten two generously sized pieces of chocolate brownie following my lunch. Every year for my birthday my sister bakes me a tray of dairy free chocolate brownies. This year she made them with roasted pecan nuts and they were delicious. After my birthday party six pieces remained and only a day and a half later, they have all gone. Why? Because they were there. They were sitting in my fridge, whispering to me, telling me to eat them. If they hadn’t been there, would I have left the house to go in search of brownies? No, I wouldn’t!


This brings me on to my top diet tip of all time. If it’s you’re trying to avoid certain foods and you know you’re likely to be tempted by them if they’re in close proximity, don’t have them in the house. For some this may also apply to the office. This is such a simple habit and yet it’s overlooked so often.


I know parents who keep crisps and sweets in the house for their children but end up consuming most of them themselves. Newsflash: if they are no good for you, they are no good for your kids either! Maybe you habitually buy the same unhealthy snack intending (but failing) to moderate your consumption. Perhaps it would help if you simply stop buying it and decide to not have it in the house anymore?


That’s not to say that you should never indulge in treats you enjoy. Not at all! If it’s a conscious decision to have a treat then do so and enjoy it. But all too often, foods lurking in your home can be inhaled as a result of a bad day, boredom, or simply just because they are there. Personally, I’ll have a dessert if I’m out for dinner and I fancy it. I don’t deny myself treats… but brownies do not regularly enter my home for a very good reason!


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